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Central Point Anti-Virus 1.3
Central Point Anti-Virus was a popular virus scanner for DOS systems. 1.3 adds support for detecting, cleaning, and immunizing for polymorphic viruses.

Corncob 3d 3.42
an air combat game --- The date is August, 1949. This is not the 1949 that we remember, though. In this 1949 WWII never happened (this is because among other factors, Adolf Hitler was killed at the age of 19 when hit in the head by a thrown beer bottle), but all was not peace in this alternate age. In 1938 aliens swept down out of the skies and began to set up struc- tures. Allthough many attempts were made to communicate, the aliens did not respond. It soon became obvious that these creatures simply were not interested in us, or in any other life on the planet. When human dwellings or sites were in their way, the aliens destroyed them and continued their seemingly random construction plans. So in 1941 the world governments agreed to band together in an alliance for humanity. No attacks were launched until November 1941. The plan was a simultaneous all out blitz against the extraterrestrials in every part of the globe. Your mission is critical in this plan. You must destroy several alien structures, and in the process, many aliens themselves. If you do not succeed the entire human effort will fail.

Extreme Pinball 1.0
A very cool scrolling-screen pinball game featuring great graphics and stereo sound. 4 different tables to choose from. Runs perfectly in DOSBox. Run SETUP.EXE first time to set the sound to sound blaster compatible, then run EXTREME.EXE to play....Enjoy!

HDP-Accounts Receivable 1.0 Shareware Version
This is a shareware accounting tool.

IBM Config 0.63
This is an IBM tool that generates a hardware configuration report for the machines it is run on. Marked for IBM internal use only. Crashes with a divide by zero error on faster computer.

IBM S Version 3.1
This is a spreadsheet program from IBM. Marked as internal IBM use only. Note: it looks like the S-EGA file may be truncated.

SCSI Interface Kit
For Computers using CDXT002 or CDPS002 Interface Cards. With Music Box Audio Control Software.

Shareware. VCRDBASE is a program used by a person who needs an easy and structured way of keeping track of all the movies he or she has. VCRDBASE requires an IBM PC with 64K, and if you wish to use the Print-Out options, a standard printer which is logically LPT1:. When the program outputs to the printer, it writes to the LST: device so if there seems to be some trouble with your printouts, use the MODE program in DOS to assign logical names or re-direct output as needed.

VideoCat Video Cassette Catalog 5.0
Shareware. VIDEOCAT is a specialized database program designed for cataloging a collection of movies and other materials stored on videocassettes. The catalog can be printed out in its entirety or can be searched for items meeting specified criteria.
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