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CA Clipper 5.20 5.2
CA Clipper v5.2 in ZIP format. Also included are many accessory and add-in programs including 2LSEXE.ZIP CA-Clipper Programming Tools Shareware.ZIP, 52DUSX.ZIP CA-Clipper ExoSpace v1.0f upgrade.ZIP, 52EUSX.ZIP CA-Clipper 5.2e North American update.ZIP, 52RDDS.ZIP Clipper 5.2 demo using new RDDs.ZIP, ADDON.ZIP ADDON.CH V1.0a.ZIP, ANALYS.ZIP Analyses Clipper source code.ZIP, BACKUP.ZIP BACKUP ver. 1.0f ready to work.ZIP, BDEM22.ZIP BUILDER 2.2.ZIP, BKEXE.ZIP BACKUP ROUTINE Executable.ZIP, BKOBJ.ZIP Backup to a diskette routine.ZIP, BLANK.ZIP C language screen blanking for Clipper.ZIP, BLINKER2.ZIP Blinker v2.0.ZIP, BLINKER3.ZIP Blinker v3.1.ZIP, CALND5.ZIP Pop-up CALENDAR() function for Clipper.ZIP, CATOOLS.ZIP, CDCLIP.ZIP CD audio player.ZIP, CHISEL.ZIP Various menu box functions.ZIP, CLIP53.ZIP CA Clipper v5.3 upgrade.ZIP, CLIPPER5.ZIP CA Clipper v5.2.ZIP, CLIP_C.ZIP ClipperShare CD-ROM.ZIP, CLNCLP.ZIP Clean Clipper Code.ZIP, CLPCAT1.ZIP Catalog of Clipper (Compuserve ).ZIP, CLPCPU.ZIP Detect CPU from 8088..Pentium.ZIP, CLPOS2.ZIP Let Clipper start another OS-2 sess.ZIP, CLPSUM.ZIP Allfiles in Clipper Forum CompuServe.ZIP, CONT.ZIP Checks disk space, memory, file handle.ZIP, CSMITH.ZIP CodeSmith.ZIP, DBEDIT.ZIP Conventional Edit Scrn within Tbrowse.ZIP, DF6DEM.ZIP DispFile() 6.0 text browse utility.ZIP, DISPME.ZIP creates a text file from a .MEM file.ZIP, DISPMEM.ZIP Quick display and print of memory file.ZIP, DOSCMD.ZIP Retrieve DOS command to Clipper.ZIP, DOTS11.ZIP Echos dots in a password box.ZIP, EF2DEM.ZIP Escape Form Developer for Windows.ZIP, EXTRT1.ZIP Clipper Utility.ZIP, F.ZIP Text file functions for Clipper.ZIP, FIXUP.ZIP Clipper Code Cleaner.ZIP, FW16.ZIP WinFive library for CA Clipper 5.1.ZIP, GENCLP.ZIP Automatic Application Builder.ZIP, GT20.ZIP FastGT 2.0, Graphical GT replacement.ZIP, INTERA.ZIP Interface tool - test without compile or link.ZIP, IO.ZIP Poppy Prompt - Interactive Dot Prompt.ZIP, KCODE.ZIP Delete TMP files and remove directory.ZIP, LIST.ZIP Cool TextFile viewer.ZIP, LMSOURCE.ZIP, MEMFUN.ZIP MEMOEDIT() with line limitations.ZIP, MEMOWR.ZIP MEMOEDIT() v1.1 Text & Memo Edit Library.ZIP, MULTI.ZIP Discussion of Multi-user App Control.ZIP, NB010.ZIP NoteBase 1.0 Stores anything!.ZIP, NGDUMP.ZIP Decompiler for Norton Guides.ZIP, NGS_11.ZIP Norton Guides Sourcer v1.1.ZIP, NTXDIR.ZIP NTX file viewing utility.ZIP, OPEN_.ZIP File open excelent function.ZIP, PBACK.ZIP Backup and Restore routines.ZIP, PCREA2.ZIP CA-Clipper application generator.ZIP, POW_TB.ZIP, QTPRO.ZIP TBrowse App Generator.ZIP, RAMCLR.ZIP Fills memory to a stable state.ZIP, SCR_SA.ZIP Another screensleeper.ZIP, SECURE.ZIP Secure Library (Encrypt & Decrypt).ZIP, SHUFLE.ZIP Shuffle Screen Saver.ZIP, SLVRCOMM.ZIP SilverComm.ZIP, STAWIN.ZIP Display status bar in Clipper 5..ZIP, SUBEXA.ZIP Create a Directory with Subdirectories.ZIP, TDCO69.ZIP, USEMAX.ZIP Determine file handles use.ZIP, VC_01_.ZIP and Visual Clipper for DOS v 1.1.ZIP.
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