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IndyCar Racing 2 (ISO image) 1.0
ISO-9660 image of IndyCar Racing 2. Requires DOSBox on modern machines, and a 486 or better on real hardware. Possibly the best open-wheeled racer available for MS-DOS.

NASCAR Racing 1999 Edition (ISO image) 1.0
NASCAR Racing 1999 edition uses much the same graphics engine, physics engine, and user interface as NASCAR Racing 2, but includes native Windows 9x support, 3DFX support, NASCAR 1998 Cup series, and the Craftsman Truck Series. Graphics are very slightly enhanced from NASCAR 2, and it features a newer, easier-to-read instrument panel. It primarily runs in MS-DOS, but it also runs natively in Windows. To run this in Windows 10, get a program called "nglide," ( install it, then install NR1999. it should run great. The Windows version does NOT include multiplayer options, so you must run the game from DOS (DOSBox on modern machines - with IPX enabled) if you want multiplayer options.

NASCAR Racing 2 (ISO image) 1.0
This is an ISO 9660 image of the original NASCAR Racing 2 (English/North American) CD-ROM. It contains all original NASCAR 2 content. This sim is quite possibly the best racer for MS-DOS. Computer Gaming World magazine gave it an extremely rare 5 out of 5 stars. The only awkwardly designed feature is saving a race in mid-race (you have to exit the race, select "leave track," and then select "save on exit"). On modern machines, this runs great in DOSBox. Just about any machine with in Intel Core 2 Duo or better will run this very smoothly. MULTIPLAYER NOTES: NASCAR Racing 2 supports IPX only, but it is pretty easy to set up. A CD or CD image is required for multiplayer games (this CD image works great). For multiplayer on modern machines, you will need to configure DOSBox's IPX settings (VOGONS is a good website, or just do an internet search for "DOSBox IPX"). If you want to race this via multiplayer using a modern "DOSbox machine" against real machines of the Windows 95/98 era, you'll need to configure a DOSBox SVN build on the modern/"DOSBox machine" called "DOSBox SVN-Daum."

NASCAR Racing 2 - Grand National Series Expansion Pack 1.0
This is a CD-ROM ISO image (7-zipped) of the NASCAR Racing 2 Grand National series 1997 expansion pack. ***Requires NASCAR Racing 2*** (the NASCAR Racing 2 ISO image available here works great). MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBILITY NOTES: All machines running N2 with the GNS Expansion will only be able to play against other machines with the same N2/GNS Expansion configuration.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM (ISO image) 1.0
TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM, split into 5 .rar sub-parts. Download all files to the same folder, select TIECD.part01, and extract using WinRAR (the other parts automatically combine to form the ISO image). Please consider buying the game from if you enjoy this. On modern machines, you will need DOSBox to run this (the GOG version handles all of this for you). You will absolutely need a joystick. Any joystick will work, and DOSBox offers a range of configuration options for joysticks. I use a Logitech Extreme3D pro, or any USB game pad with an analog stick. For older/vintage DOS/Windows 9x systems, you'll need a standard game port/MIDI port (usually on your sound card--typically a SoundBlaster or compatible), and a game port/MIDI port joystick, such as a Gravis Blackhawk.

Star Wars: X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM (ISO image) 1.0
X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM in ISO-9660 format. Contains all original game content. On modern systems, this works great in DOSBox. On older/vintage systems, you will need a 386/486 or better with 4 MB of RAM. Runs great in Windows 95/98. If you like this, please consider purchasing the game from (if you buy it at the right time, you can get it when it's on sale for under $1).
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