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Pongeroids! 1.1
In the old asteroids you could go off the edge of the screen, emerging on the other side. In this version, you are limited to the interior of a cube. Instead of being teleported to the other side of the cube when you come to an edge, you just bounce off. Kind of like Pong. Thus the name, Pongeroids.

Project: Starfighter 1.1
Project: Starfighter is an old school 2D shoot 'em up. In the game you take on the role of a rebel pilot called Chris, who is attempting to overthrow a military corporation called Weapco. Weapco has seized control of the known universe and currently rules it with an iron fist. Chris can no longer stand back and watch as millions of people suffer and die. He steals an experimental craft known as "Firefly" and begins his mission to fight his way to Sol, freeing key systems along the way. The game opens with Chris attempting to escape a Weapco patrol that has intercepted him.

Tetris 1.1
Included are the versions for R4, x86 & PPC.

Tile World
Tile World is an emulation of the game "Chip's Challenge" for the Atari Lynx, created by Chuck Sommerville.

Turok (Source Code) 49
This is the source dump of the Turok Dinosaur Hunter source code. This includes the N64 code in the 'tengine' directory. Version.h describes this as version 49. Credit to Ozidual on the N64brew discord for figuring out the encrypted archive's password. Without him, this source code might never have seen the light of day.
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