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4DOS 3.01
4DOS is designed to help you get the most out of your IBM PC or compatible system. It replaces COMMAND.COM, the command interpreter that comes with all versions of MS-DOS and PC-DOS. You'll find 4DOS provides a wide variety of capabilities COMMAND.COM can't, ranging from a vastly enhanced DIR command, to point-and-shoot file selection for any command, to the ability to completely redefine your system's commands. Yet 4DOS is fully compatible with COMMAND.COM. 4DOS is a "DOS shell" (a program that gives you access to DOS functions and commands), but it's unlike most DOS shells on the market. Virtually all of these shells are designed to isolate the novice user from the DOS command line. 4DOS, on the other hand, is intended to make DOS easier to use and to make you more productive while working at the command line. It provides enhancements to most of the DOS commands, as well as more than 40 new commands. These improvements make 4DOS a much richer and more powerful working environment than COMMAND.COM, without sacrificing the compatibility, flexibility and control you get from working at the command line. If you're tired of the limitations of COMMAND.COM, you'll love 4DOS! Shareware.

As-Easy-As 3.01
o 2048 rows by 256 Columns- Uses Sparse Memory Matrix for efficient storage. o POPUP or PANEL menus - You decide which is best for you! o Powerful Graphics- Can create BAR, STACKED BAR,LINE, XY ,PIE, HILO SEMI-LOG and LOG-LOG graphs on your Epson compatible printer , All without every leaving the spreadsheet! o Intelligent Recalculation - Its blazing speed derives from the fact that it only calculates those cells it needs to calculate. o Over 50 {MACRO} programming commands.... o Over 43 @FUNCTIONS for Math, Statistics and Finance.... o 3D-SIMULATION, You can reallocate spreadsheet memory upto 100 planes. o NO INSTALLATION, On almost every IBM PC compatible it will run immediately with out time wasting hardware installation. ( Runs on CGA,MONO,MGA,EGA,AT&T .... video/graphics cards. ) o HELP screens , built right into the program , over 50 pages... o BUILT IN UTILITIES, text FIND/REPLACE, MACRO recording, AUDITING GOALSEEKING and more..... (Other spreadsheets sell these features as expensive ADD-INS) o Highly LOTUS/123 compatible (1-2-3 trademark of LOTUS Development Corp). Shareware.

Flu-Shot Plus 1.7
FLU_SHOT+ is a successful anti-virus product, affording its users very sophisticated protection methods and techniques. However, to give some users additional protections and an easier method of implementing these protections required some thought on our part. Shareware version.

InstaCalc 2.5
InstaCalc is a full power memory resident spreadsheet which you can pop up through application programs and which can share data with those programs. Shareware.

NEC Multispeed System Disk 3.20
NEC Multispeed System Disk. MS-DOS version 3.20 with several Multispeed utilities.

Power Worksheets for 1-2-3
We think you have made a wise choice in buying Lotus 1-2-3. With it, your only obstacles to solving a problem are to supply the data and define the worksheet formulas to analyze it. While we cannot help you supply the data, we can help with the worksheet by giving you, in this package, six predefined worksheets to perform common analyses. Shareware.

QubeCalc 3.02
QubeCalc is a TRUE three dimensional spreadsheet (as opposed to some two dimensional spreadsheets which let you link cells of multiple spreadsheets together). It gives you the ability to look at your data in more ways than you ever imagined possible. You can enter data into the QubeCalc WorkQube just as you would with any other spreadsheet. You could treat the WorkQube as if it were 64 separate spreadsheets which are linked together, but it is much more flexible than just that. Shareware.

SWAPDOS provides an application independent method for one PC/MS-DOS application to run another, even if both would normally not fit in memory at the same time. A typical use is to temporarily swap out dBASE to make room for your text editor, or to swap out a text editor so that you can run memory hungry compilers, linkers, or even debuggers without losing your place in an editing session. SWAPDOS works by copying conventional memory used by the currently running application to expanded memory, extended memory, or to a disk file, thereby freeing conventional memory used by the application. SWAPDOS then runs the desired program before restoring the original environment. Shareware.

Virus Scan 3.5 V63
To run the regular Scan program, type: SCAN (press enter) To run the memory resident Virus Shield, type: VSHIELD (press enter) To run the network version, type: NETSCAN (press enter) To extract File Shield, copy FSHLDARC.COM to a disk with at least 100K free space. Then type: FSHLDARC (press enter) After extracting, run File Shield by typing: FSHIELD (press enter) This version of Virus Scan looks for 97 different viruses. Shareware version.

Whiterock Alternative Spreadsheets
To use, run your Lotus 1-2-3 Rel. 2 compatible spreadsheet from a directory containing all these spreadsheets. If it doesn't automatically load, load (retrieve) AUTO123.WKS (or AUTO123.WK1). This worksheet will present a menu of the other spreadsheets, which can be loaded in automatically.
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