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Robots from Hell v1.0 1.0
Robots from Hell by William R. Voss. OBJECTIVE: Reach the gate to the next level while evading the robots and avoiding the hazards (bottomless holes, electric fences). The player may move 1 space in eight directions, but each time you move, the robots will move also taking the shortest path. The player scores points for each robot destroyed and reaching the gate; bonus points for clearing the board of robots (but not required). OPTIONS: Only PC speaker sound is supported (off by default). Designer boards are difficult but winnable, with points for robots destroyed awarded after reaching the gate. Random boards may potentially produce unwinnable situations, but points are awarded as each robot is destroyed.

Shadow President 1
In this game, you are the Dictator of the United States of America. Well, that's how it plays, anyway, because in your interactions with other countries, you have the power to initiate just about any action with them, including war, without any approval from Congress needed. Be wary, however, as if you tick them off enough, they can impeach you! Tick enough people off, and you may even be assassinated. This file is an ISO file of the original game CD-ROM, which also contained a DEMO for a game called CyberJudas, although I was never able to get that to work. I'm uploading because too much stuff out there has been modified for DOS-Box, and I thought purists would like the original.

The Oregon Trail Classic Edition
The Oregon Trail Classic Edition. ISO file of original CD-ROM
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