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Filemaker Pro 4.0 (FR)
FileMaker Pro 4.0 est le moyen le plus simple de gérer les informations à partir de votre bureau, via un réseau local ou via Internet. En utilisant la fonction HTTP intégrée, vous pouvez créer des annuaires d'entreprise, des catalogues produits et autres bases de données FileMaker Pro visualisables à partir des navigateurs Web usuels ;

For 3D illustrations and animations -- from photorealistic to fantastic -- nothing beats the cutting-edge power and acclaimed ease-of-use of Ray Dream Studio. Its advanced animation features, powerful modeler and huge library of Dream Models make it the most complete 3D illustration and animation package you can get. Whether you're a graphics professional or budding digital artist, Ray Dream Studio will let you create awe-inspiring 3D illustrations, dramatic animations for multimedia, and exciting virtual reality environments and graphics for the World Wide Web. Designed for the creative individual, Ray Dream Studio opens a whole new world of 3D for artists who want to expand their capabilities to stay ahead in a competitive environment. Ray Dream Studio has everything you need to leap into 3D - Modeling and Scene Wizards, Dream Models, a B‚zier-based spline modeler, ray tracing rendering, 350 shaders and a shader editor to create your own shaders, unlimited lights and cameras, and more. Plus a unique integrated Perspective window view that allows you to be an artist instead of a CAD engineer! Ray Dream Studio also includes high-end features unheard of on the desktop - Inverse Kinematics, Geometry Buffers, Extensions for added capabilities like Boolean modeling, volumetric lighting and more! ³ System Requirements: ³ 486 or Pentium-based computer running Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT (Windows 95 recommended). Studio is a 32-bit native application. Minimum 12 MB RAM (16 MB or more recommended for optimized performance) - 20 MB hard drive space for program files, plus 20 MB free disk space.

LOTUS DOMINO 4.52 32bit 4.52
Lotus Notes Release 4.5.2 continues to surpass its competitors by providing users with a network client that integrates tightly with desktop productivity applications, extends the functionality of popular web browsers, and provides a new model for navigation of mail, Web pages, applications and personal calendars - all within one consistent user experience. Release 4.5.2 preludes 4.6's addresses of five key areas: integration with desktop productiviy tools, including Lotus SmartSuite and Microsoft Office; Microsoft Internet Explorer integration; a new task-oriented navigation scheme that vastly accelerates user productivity.

Newsletters & More 3.0
Newsletters & More v3.0 16 & 32Bit (c) Parsons Newsletters & More is the high-performance desktop publishing software packed with the power, quality and exceptional value. Compose and edit copy right on the desktop -- or import it quickly and easily. Use any of the included graphics or import your own, layout your pages with expert precision. Use the Designer Page Wizard to choose the publication that's best for you. Run the 16-bit setup for DOS and Win3.1 or the 32-bit version if you have Win95.

PC Secure 1.0
PC Secure runs inside your computer to monitor all TCP/IP traffic passing in and out of it. Set your own personal traffic rules and, every time you boot up, this program starts working automatically. PC Secure screens every connection request against your traffic rules, and you decide what access others can have to and from your computer. PC Secure is your personal firewall. PC Secure's Rule Administrator allows you specify the traffic rules for on-line computing by configuring your computer to communicate only with individuals and sites you've permitted. It runs in the background, monitoring restricted data access attempts on your system. You can allow access to other sites, require the computer to ask for permission to communicate, or deny access. PC Secure also protects your computer and everything on it from all unwanted on-line sessions. Nobody accesses your data without your knowledge and permission. PC Secure configures itself to your needs. PC Secure's Smart Configure feature detects questionable network traffic and asks you whether it should block it and whether it should update your traffic rules. A Setup Wizard also asks you questions about your Internet usage to automatically set up PC Secure for you. The Setup Wizard walks you through the PC Secure setup. Set security traffic rules for any application, at any or all addresses, using any or all protocols, or target a specific area such as: - E-Mail; - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) ; - News Groups; - Web Browsers. PC Secure prompts you for a new traffic rule whenever your PC receives an inbound access request or submits an outbound access request not covered by current traffic rules. This allows you to build your traffic rule set on the fly. Using PC Secure The PC Secure Traffic Cop control panel allows you to: - select the operating mode; - set your password and - access the other features of PC Secure. PC Secure locks out ALL new Inbound and Outbound conversations when you activate the Block operating mode. Your PC is completely secure from further Internet access. You can also specify a personal security code that allows only you to select the operating mode or change the traffic rules. The Real Time Traffic Log keeps a concise summary of all on-line sessions.

Polaroid Before & After 1.04
Before & After v1.04 (c) Polaroid An excellent photo enhancing program. key no. 01-01-0001859

Quicklink Message Center III 3.05a
QuickLink MessageCenter III Features: Identical interface for true 16- and 32-bit versions Integrated voice mail, fax and data communications Automatic pager notification of received voice mail and faxes Send/receive faxes Broadcast faxes to unlimited recipients xBase-compatible phone books Integrated fax and data phone books File Transfers Full-featured data host mode, similar to a BBS Voice features Voice mail with customizable voice mailboxes Password protected mailboxes 99 document Fax-on-demand per mailbox Incoming call routing and transfer Call Monitoring Full duplex speakerphone Programmable speed dial buttons Pager Notification of received voice mail and faxes Password protected remote access to voice mail and faxes General features Complete support for Windows 3.1 & Windows 95 Indentical user interface for both 16- and 32-bit versions Unified fax and data phone books Unlimited fax and data phone books in xBase format Distinctive ring Displays and stores Caller ID Dialing support for calling cards Extensive xBase event logging including fax send/receive, and file uploads/downloads Wireless and cellular support Imports Microsoft Exchange phone books* TAPI* support Mobile capability for laptop users 32-bit multithreading* Long filename support* * Available with Windows 95 only. Fax Features Instant faxing with QuickFax Re-send failed faxes directly from the send fax log Attach any Windows document(s) to your faxes Send faxes within any Windows application Schedule faxes for a particular date and time Broadcast faxes to an unlimited number of recipients Preview your faxes before they're sent Telecommunication Features Full-featured Data Host for remote access of files similar to a BBS File transfer protocols: ASCII, CompuServe B, Kermit, Super Kermit, Xmodem, Xmodem CRC, Xmodem 1K, Ymodem, Ymodem G, Zmodem Online chat mode Terminal emulators User-defined function bar Full-featured scripting language Learn mode for automatic script writing

Sidekick 98
Sidekick 98 is an easy way to manage and mobilize your calendars, contacts and communications. Whether you're using a handheld computer or a laptop, importing or exporting data, on the Internet or on the road, Sidekick 98 can manage and synchronize all your critical information.

Symantec Cafe v1.8 1.8
Symantec Cafe is a graphical development environment for creating Java programs. It is the first stand-alone development environment designed specifically for creating Java programs. It comes with an extensive set of built-in tools that help you learn the Java language and create Java applets and applications easily.
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